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AutoCAD is a computer-aided design (CAD) and drafting software application. AutoCAD is used in industry, by architects, project managers, engineers, graphic designers, city planners and other professionals. It was supported by 750 training centers worldwide in 1994. ESRI ArcMap 10 permits export as AutoCAD drawing files. Civil 3D permits export as AutoCAD objects and as LandXML. Third-party file converters exist for specific formats such as Bentley MX GENIO Extension, PISTE Extension (France), ISYBAU (Germany), OKSTRA and Microdrainage (UK);[13] also, conversion of .pdf files is feasible

Civil AutoCAD Course in Pune
Some of the key features of Civil AutoCAD include:
  • Surface creation and analysis: Civil AutoCAD includes tools for creating and analyzing surfaces, such as contours, breaklines, and boundary polylines. It also includes tools for grading and slope analysis.
  • Road and highway design: Civil AutoCAD includes tools for designing roads and highways, such as creating alignments, profiles, and cross sections. It also includes tools for creating intersection layouts and calculating earthwork quantities.
  • Pipe network design: Civil AutoCAD includes tools for designing pipe networks, such as water supply, sewage, and stormwater systems. It includes tools for creating pipes, fittings, and appurtenances, as well as calculating pipe sizes and flows.
  • Quantity takeoff: Civil AutoCAD includes tools for performing quantity takeoff, such as calculating volumes, areas, and lengths. It also includes tools for creating and managing construction documents, such as plans, sections, and elevations.
To become proficient in Civil AutoCAD, it is recommended to take training courses and obtain certification from Autodesk or its partners. Autodesk also provides online resources and support forums to help users learn and troubleshoot the software. Additionally, Civil AutoCAD can be integrated with other software in the Autodesk suite, such as Civil 3D and Revit, for advanced functionality.

Course Content

  • Setting Up Drawing

  • Drawing Precision In AutoCAD

  • Drawing Lines, Curves, Orthographic, Isometric

  • Working With Diamensions

  • Hatching Gradients

  • Parametric Data, Modeling & Navigation In 3D

  • Materials, Lights & Rendering

  • Plotting Your Drawing

  • Creating 3D Surfaces

  • Working With Blocks


60 Hours

Courseware Issued

Workbook, Command Book, Refrence Book, Industrial Projects, Basic GD & T drawings (Reading an Application)


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