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HyperMesh is a finite element pre-processor software used for creating and editing complex 3D models and meshes. It is commonly used in the aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing industries for structural analysis and optimization.

HyperMesh allows users to import CAD data from various sources and manipulate it to create a mesh suitable for analysis. It includes a wide range of meshing tools, such as automated meshing, surface meshing, and solid meshing. HyperMesh also includes advanced tools for editing and optimizing meshes, such as mesh quality checks, element repositioning, and smoothing.

In addition to meshing, HyperMesh includes tools for creating and managing loads and boundary conditions, such as forces, pressure, and constraints. It also includes tools for defining material properties and defining the type of analysis to be performed, such as linear or nonlinear analysis.

HyperMesh is known for its flexibility and customization options. It includes a scripting language that allows users to automate repetitive tasks and customize the software to their specific needs. It also integrates well with other software in the Altair HyperWorks suite, such as HyperView for post-processing and visualization.

To become proficient in HyperMesh, it is recommended to take training courses and obtain certification from Altair or its partners. Altair also provides online resources and support forums to help users learn and troubleshoot the software.

Course Content

  • FEM Introduction

  • Understanding The GUI

  • Importing, Repairing Geometry

  • Automatic, Shell, STD Tetra Meshing

  • Creating Hexa, Penta Mesh

  • Quality Check, Penetration

  • Hypermesh Solver Interface

  • Assembly: Welding


100 Hours

Courseware Issued

Workbook, Command Book, Refrence Book, Industrial Projects, Basic GD & T drawings (Reading an Application)


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